Sharp Provides a Glimpse of the Future at CES 2013

Las Vegas, Jan 7, 2013 -- 

CES booth highlights breakthrough display technologies and Sharp’s 2013 AQUOS TV lineup

Brace yourself for a look into the future…today. This year, Sharp comes to CES with breakthrough technologies and exciting products that show the future isn’t that far off - Sharp is making amazing things happen now.

“Whether in your home or in your hand, display technology is everywhere,” said Toshi Osawa, CEO and Chairman of Sharp Electronics Corporation. “From game changing IGZO, to stunning Ultra HD products, and large screen televisions, the introductions we are making at CES 2013 will advance people's lives at home, work and everywhere in between.”

For the first time in North America, the company will showcase the amazing possibilities of IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) and introduce the first new products that use it. Today and tomorrow, IGZO will engender a whole generation of display products that are dramatically more energy efficient, produce high-resolution images and are ultra-responsive to touch.  

Sharp will take the lead in Ultra HD, the next generation of high-definition 4K display technology for the home, showcasing two lines of large screen Ultra HD TVs that will be introduced this year.  

At CES, Sharp is also primed to continue its leadership in large screen LED TV’s by introducing its 2013 AQUOS LED TV lineup, featuring the largest commercially available LED TV in the world, more large screen models featuring Quattron technology and striking new designs.  

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