Think Imaging is proud to introduce the Unibinder 8.2 and the Unifoil printer

We’re pleased to announce two great new products from Unibind. The Unibinder 8.2 offers the newest technology for the neat presentation of your document, and allows you to bind, crimp, and cool in seconds with only one system. Combining the traditional and proven Unibind Resin SteelBinding with a newly developed crimping element, it’s perfectly designed for office use with flexible covers on an easy to use machine.

The new UniFoilPrinter allows you to personalize your books, notebooks, agenda, and contracts. If you are about to present an offer or a contract in a meeting, your work always stands out with the UniFoilPrinter. The UniFoilPrinter is a digital printer that prints foil directly from a digital file on any flat surface. Just connect the UniFoilPrinter to your computer, download the software and start printing.

For more information about these new products, please contact Roger Seaward: