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Business Solutions Case Study Industrial Fabrication Document Management

An industrial door fabricator was looking for a solution to free up warehouse space being consumed by years of paper-based customer files. 

Business Solutions Case Study Real Estate Cost Management and BYOD


An opportunity at a two-floor real estate office was uncovered when their existing 3 MFDs were up for renewal. The agency was moving into a new office and wanted to leave some old paint-points behind.

Business Solutions Case Study Legal Vertical Cost Accounting

Sharp helps law firms protect client records with our award-winning Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) that include built-in protection for documents and enhanced security options.

Business Solutions Case Study Unstable Telecom System Manufacturing Vertical

Most corporate clients face challenges with having dated telecom systems that do not support mobility, scalability and survivability.

Business Solutions Case Study Print Cost Recovery and Personal Device Usage Education Vertical

A school that is currently in the second phaase of expansion and will have approximately 270 students in the fall. It is anticipated that the population will continue to grow with further expanision on an annual basis and they would like to control costs.

Business Solutions Case Study Invoice Capture Manufacturing, Distribution, Corporate Vertical


Sharp approached an auto parts distributor with 6 locations. On an average day, each location would produce between 200 – 400 invoices. Each day a company truck would drive to each location for scanning and archiving by one full person.


“Improved our office budget and made room for more marketing activities!”

Duane, YMCA

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